3 New Fibromyalgia Drugs could be on the way

TD-9855 – On hold

In 2014, Theravance, Inc. announced positive results from a phase II study of TD-9855, a norepinephrine and serotonin reuptake inhibitor, in patients with fibromyalgia. Not only did it relieve pain better than placebo, but it also improved fatigue – a quality that’s unique among the fibromyalgia drugs currently on the market.

Unfortunately, TD-9855’s use as a potential fibro treatment has been put on hold.

“Theravance Biopharma has shifted the development strategy for the program and has opted to focus on a different therapeutic target (neurogenic orthostatic hypotension),” said Tim Brons, executive vice president of Vida Strategic Partners, the firm that’s handling Theravance’s public relations effort. “The company believes this is a more viable commercial opportunity for the drug and is planning to conduct a phase II study.”

Now it’s your turn: Which of these new fibromyalgia drugs sounds the most promising? If they all make it to market, which – if any – would you be most interested in trying? Share in the comments section!

Source: Written by Donna retrieved from fedupwithfatigue.com/new-fibromyalgia-drugs/

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  1. I do believe fibromyalgia is a direct result of Epstein Barr or heroes virus. Almost everyone I know has had mono that now has fibromyalgia.

  2. These all sound interesting and promising for those whom can take similar drugs. However, for me the only one I would be able to try is the Flexeril. I have severe drug allergies which limits my participation in pharmaceutical drugs. I wish the pharmaceuticals would take people like myself into consideration when making new drugs.