Fibromyalgia Associated With Functional Brain Abnormalities

This reinforces the sensitization hypothesis.

“It’s a first step,” Dr. Guedj said during an interview. “We demonstrated significant abnormalities in comparison with healthy subjects. We now have to demonstrate that this functional pattern is specific to fibromyalgia in comparison with other painful diseases.”

The researchers point to a number of limitations to their work. The study had a small sample and there was a large difference between the number of patients and the number of participants in the control group.

“The questionnaires chosen for our study are largely used in fibromyalgia,” they write. “We should, however, discuss whether they are appropriate for such use. Also, the Tubingen Pain Behavior Scale was not evaluated by independent, masked investigators.”

It has been suggested that the Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire is the most logical measure to evaluate functional status in clinical trials. Dr. Guedj and his team conclude that “these findings reinforce the concept of using brain-perfusion SPECT to objectively evaluate therapeutic results in controlled studies.”

People without fibromyalgia can mentally alleviate some types of pain that people experience, explained Dr. Lynn Webster, president of the American Academy of Pain Medicine. “For people with fibromyalgia, that capability seems to be dampened if not eliminated,” Webster said. “They may not be able to respond the same way to medications or our intrinsic [natural] mechanisms for dealing with pain.”

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Musculoskeletal pain (affecting muscle, bone and nerve) becomes more common with age, to the point where from age 65 onward, 4 out of 5 people have pain every day.

Widespread pain is a key feature of fibromyalgia, a condition where the sufferer typically experiences fatigue accompanied by long-term pain in several areas of the body, plus tenderness in the muscles, joints, tendons and other soft tissues.

Estimates suggest around 5 million Americans aged 18 and over are affected by fibromyalgia, and for reasons unknown, the vast majority of those diagnosed with the condition are women, although it can also affect men and children. Most people are diagnosed in middle age, although symptoms are often present earlier.


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